Odesza Breaks Barriers into 2018


Odesza at Barclays Center was a spectacle, nothing short of colossal. The wonder and awe of us thousands, stacked atop one another in an electronic colosseum will not soon fade from thought. The reality of a such a rendezvous, the uniform, singular purpose felt in the group conscious was very, very clear. Barclays the Colosseum, the subway our Liburna, and we The People, our pride and dedication to this entertainment, so great, it’s mythic; we left Atlantic Ave feeling greatly impressed, astounded, lucky.

Completing this spectacle of ages, was the incorporation of a drum-line, guest artists and effectual pyrotechnics. The crowd was left awestruck when 10-foot-tall columns of fire erupted from the stage. The masks of the drummers5S6A8554 maintained a dark mystique while the choreography exuded preparation and thought. We witnessed the crumbling boundaries of production, being broken and rebuilt for our expectant, exuberant palette. Picture the silhouettes of Odesza against the fire, raised and centered, floating in LED, the keystone of this feat.

Electronic gigs support many different mediums of art. Gone are the days of a singular person on stage. Welcome the days of dance, art and expression, in harmony with electronic music. Large scale electronic gigs now employ troupes. Featured dancers, aerialists, flow artists, live painting, vendors, interactive installs and special attention to lights and sound quality are more focused on now than ever. These wide-ranging teams of artists are outfitted with modernity in mind, but the edgy, circus-attitude of the performers and creators remains the same. Involving so many people to create a singular event is the future of this scene, a linchpin to electronic’s throne. Odesza brought this intense attention to detail. We want over-the-top. We want full immersion. We want, dynamic entertainment. Thank you Odesza, and to all involved in the production for delivering us just that, a night worthy of legends and tales.

Images by: Lucent Illusion Photography