Okeechobee Festival’s Inaugural Gathering Promises to be an Annual Spectacle

From digging your feet in the sand and sipping on some Coronas, to getting lost in the jungle, to deep house hanging in an Eno hammock ten feet off the ground, Okeechobee Festival has it all. For the festival’s first year, they really pulled out all the tricks in the bag. Selling out on its opening night with over 30,000 people in attendance, it would be an understatement to call Okeechobee anything less than massive. Not only was the venue full of undeniable beauty, but the weather in South Florida was too perfect to be true. The colossal line up combined 80’s music legends, alternative rock, and some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene. Hall and Oates, Robert Plant, Odesza, Bassnectar, and Mumford and Sons, to name a few, all brought the heat. The stages were perfectly situated, and there were hardly time conflicts due to the layout of the grounds. There is truly something for anyone to enjoy. From morning yoga, a fire statue you could actually ride, a beach you could swim in, and live music all day and night, never have I ever been to a festival where I felt swept to a different dimension and got so immersed within the music, vibes, and people.
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For a festival’s inaugural year, I have never experienced an event that was run so smoothly. Okeechobeings collectively ensured every individual had a great time. The love was everywhere, people of all ages and races got down to the love of good music and good company.

Even the food selection was delectable. From fried jalapeno corn dogs to hand made gyros, Chobee presented the full spectrum of flavorful food. When you’re at Okeechobee you really are on island time. You can kick back in the sand with a drink in your pineapple cup or climb trees in the jungle with your friends. This festival is the prime Springtime destination. You’ll want to mark your calendars for next year’s Okeechobee (subscribe here for the latest updates year-round). I assure you that you don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience, fam. Enter the Okeechobee portal, and come out radiating the portal’s positive energy long after it’s been closed.