Opiuo Showcases Production Prowess at Webster Hall (5/20)

I could feel Webster Hall vibrating from the moment I walked in the door this past Friday. Upon walking up the staircase to the Grand Ballroom, smiling wanderlust faces told me this night was going to be even greater than expected. With DJ Hiyawatha and DJ DALI heating up the dance floor, we danced our way to the front of the stage to get an up close and personal view. Webster’s booming sound system paired with the distinct energy coming from the opening acts was an excellent start to the evening.


Soon after, Opiuo released a booming wave of bass over the crowd, filling the room with glitch hop and psychedelic pulsations that got everyone breaking a sweat. Opiuo is an incredibly exciting performer to watch, his live set up includes multiple drum machines, synths and his laptop. His title releases such as “Slurp and Giggle,” “Squiggle,” and “Butternut slap” are exactly the type of energy he brought to Webster Hall for his NYC stop on tour.

Opiuo conveys his passion in each and every one of his hand selected playlists. Creating an atmosphere for music lovers alike to let loose, Opiuo did what we all hoped he would do and showcased his music for us to dance the night away.