OTO: The Glowing Orb That Allows Users to Control Sound


OTO is a small, interactive cube that allows users to control sound using the geometric orb itself. You no longer need to have extensive knowledge into production programs such as Ableton or Traktor to create your own electronically produced music.

OTO explains on their kickstarter, “OTO comes from the Japanese oto-no-katachi, which translates roughly in English to shape of sound. Though an apparent oxymoron, we feel this perfectly captures our product, as with OTO, sound is no longer only wavelengths: it has a tangible physical form.”

Each OTO controller has an IMU chip that measures and reports force, angular rate, and sometimes the magnetic field surrounding a body and communicates this information to a host computer via Bluetooth. The computer then translates the data, creating sound. With OTO, you are able to perform live music, create visuals and control your Digital Audio Workstations with a small glowing orb. Pretty trippy, right?

Check it out for yourself in this video below!

You can find more information and purchase OTO here.