Psymbionic Releases Exploratory New Album ‘Carbon Based Lifeform’

Throughout his career, Austin-based producer Psymbionic has dabbled proficiently in exploring the depths of his production knowledge and capabilities. Continuing his quest to prove that music does not have to fit into one genre yet can still tell a cohesive story, Psymbionic has released his exploratory new album ‘Carbon Based Lifeform.’

‘Carbon Based Lifeform’ consists of 10-tracks that weave in and out of funk influenced vibes, calming melodies and spells of high-energy groove dispersed throughout. The genre-blending project represents a microcosm of Psymbionic’s career, as he has relentlessly pursued studying the history of music theory, sound design and arrangement in order to create a sound entirely unique to himself while still catering to fans of numerous well-defined genres.

The introductory track “Horizons” carries the listener in softly and ominously, providing a tease of the expansive characteristics contained within. As the album progresses forward, new and innovative elements are introduced, all tied together by a science fiction inspired theme. Additionally, the album will be accompanied by a comic book that is intended to be read alongside the album.

“This album has been a huge growing experience for me. It’s the culmination of a couple years of hard work and study of how music that I love is written and arranged. I was heavily influenced by science fiction media, and there’s some sci­fi threads throughout the album that I intended to tie everything together. A companion comic book is in the final stages of completion, written by me and illustrated by visual artist Guzumaki. It tells the first part of an ongoing story based around a technologically advanced society that has lost all knowledge of the technology that powers their lives. My intention is for my album to be the soundtrack of this story.”

In celebration of his first full length album since 2016’s Vision, Psymbionic is taking ‘Carbon Based Lifeform’ out on tour. He will be making stops all across the country; dates and tickets can be found here.

Check out ‘Carbon Based Lifeform’ below: