Q&A w/ Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Ahead of NYC Return, April 27

You heard it here first! Good Looks is bringing Dirt Monkey & Subtronics back to NYC with another round of massive wubs on the Warp Drive tour! The guys took some time to answer a few questions about the tour, industry changes, and what the future may hold. Be sure to catch them in Brooklyn at Sunnyvale on April 27! Snag your tickets.

[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the Road

Good Looks: As seasoned producers in the bass music scene, what have been the more significant changes you’ve noticed (musically, community, industry) from when you first started out until now?

Subtronics: Basically everything. The major platforms for where music is found, the ways to reach a bigger audience, the style of what gets crowd responses, the speed at which you have to make tunes, everything is constantly changing at a fast pace. I still spend all day every day sitting in my room producing weird noises but now on the weekends, I’m living out of hotels and playing shows.

Dirt Monkey: Nowadays, there’s a lot more room for the underground to blossom up and be a force to reckon with as far as shows go. When I was just getting into playing shows (around 2009), all the big dubstep acts (Rusko, Skream, etc) were playing smaller venues and anyone smaller than them were just playing bars, since not as many people were into this music yet. I think with mainstream electronic music totally blowing up over the last 5 years, it’s given producers/DJs in niche genres (such as myself, Space Jesus, Subtronics, GWN and that kinda stuff) a much bigger platform to spread our music from than we had before.

[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the RoadGL: You’ve mentioned a lot recently that your latest creative project is to blend wook space bass with riddim. Do you think part of this master plan may include starting a record label in the future with other like-minded artists, potentially ending the separation between the sub-genres?

ST: Potentially. I have thought about starting my own imprint kind of label, not so much where we push a brand or image or anything like that, more so a platform for me to have complete control over music that I want to put out. If I meet other kids that blend the idea of underground wonky OG style dubstep with some weird space noises, I’ll always support anyone who is pushing boundaries.[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the Road

GL: Your fans have been getting spoiled with a ton of b2b sets. Can we expect more of that on this tour? How you do you guys practice blending your individual styles before getting up on stage together?

ST: I honestly don’t even know lol, if there’s extra time at the end for some shows we will most likely do a few. I think blending our styles is sick because I am super heavy with hints of wonky and Pat is super wonky with hints of heavy. We really balance each other out into a weird unique 3rd entity that neither of us can accomplish alone.

DM: Yea, we’re gonna do some here and there on the tour. Those will be different than the usual where we are billed together on a b2b. It’ll be more of a chance for us to play music that we don’t normally get to play during our normal sets, and get kinda weird. As far as practice goes, we do some planning beforehand to figure out what kinda stuff each other is playing, but it’s mainly just on the go figuring it out.

GL: Speaking of blending your styles, what would you say the overall theme/vibe going into this tour is?

ST: Wonky dubstep with hints of heavy, hints of riddim, hints of paying tribute to the OG’s that came before us, being silly and not taking anything too seriously, and mostly making sure everyone’s minds are sufficiently blown.


GL: You are constantly collaborating with incredible artists like Boogie T, GWN, Jantsen, and most recently Space Jesus. Can we expect to see any of them as support for this tour or do you [both] have any other surprises up your sleeve?

DM: Well, they are all masters of their types of music, so I really wouldn’t be able to consider any of them as support acts for me, but there are some things in the works as far as tunes go. Jantsen and I got some new stuff coming that is along the lines of old jazz & wobbles, which I’m really really stoked about. Don’t miss out on the madness that this duo is sure to bring with them this spring and be sure to follow the guys’ socials to stay up to date on all the tour shenanigans!