Q&A w/ Subtronics ahead of his NYC Show Friday 2/16

We caught up with Subtronics to find out the latest about his new EP and his upcoming show in NYC. Subtronics will join Dirt Monkey, Caspa and Ganja White Knight at Playstation Theater this Friday. Grab your tickets right here to see the Origins tour, and check out our Q&A below!


1. You have been making heavy bass beats since 2011, how has your music within the bass genre evolved since then?

I’d say I have been putting way more effort into flow and arrangement. I used to be extremely in your face heavy, wall of death the entire set, but as I started playing more shows and Riddim gained popularity, I got a little bit bouncier and more about the groove.

Now that I have experimented with more creative projects, like my Depth Perception EP, I’m branching out to try and blend the realms of heavy dubstep X riddim X wook bass. I really like listening to anything experimental so that has begun to work its way into my personal content. I’ve been producing for 8 years so, I have a lot of old habits that are extremely fun to break for the sake of finding new ideas and outlets.

2. What do you love about your sub-genre’s scene?

Oh man so man things honestly. I have been active in the community for about 5 years, met all of my best friends through it, we support each other to the end of the earth and I have no idea what I would do without them.

Its one giant underdog community fighting against the odds of the “mainstream”, so we have each other’s backs at all times and because we are so ridiculously tight-knit, sometimes an outsider looking in would call us hostile or just absolutely ridiculous ha. Many of us have been around for so long we don’t always want to see change, although change is natural. So aside from loving the community, the friends, I also love the level of live energy from our style of music, it is is a very specific type of feeling I don’t think could be re-created anywhere else.

3. What makes music “good” to you?

1. Mixdown
2. Arrangement
3. sound design

All I really care about is if its something I’ve heard before. So many songs are just the same thing that has been created by 100 other producers 100 other times. It is at the point to where doing anything new or creative is extremely hard, but for me it is my goal to find something unique in that capacity while looking for new music. That and making sure it sounds clean on a big system.

4. Do you have a favorite artist or song right now?

To name a few….Svdden Death, Oolacile, murDa, Uber, Mastadon, He$h, Phiso, Space Laces, COPYCAT, Seppa, Kursa, Mefjus, Ivy Lab, Somnium Sound, 50hman, Ninjas by GRYM, the new Virtual Riot, Boogie T, Ganja White Night, Dirt Monkey and then…

Trollphace is coming back strong along with Sub Antix, Midnight T has been steady killing it, The Widdler has been one of my absolute favorites recently, anything deep. Aweminus as well he has been destroying it.

5. You have recently released your new album Depth Perception, what is the central theme around this album?

Depth Perception is basically my full creative unrestricted outlet. A lot of dubstep is formulaic and has so many rules. I took this opportunity to get as creative as possible and try stuff that is different and experimental. I had more fun working on that ep than any other music in a long time.

6. I loved hearing the Black Mirror sample from your song Machine Gun Math released on Borgore’s Fresh Blood label last October. Was there a song or sample in this album that had any special meaning to you?

Honestly, I just thought it sounded super badass and would freak people out. I normally sample Always Sunny or American Dad because I’m completely obsessed with those shows.

7. Why have you been successful in the music industry? What makes you stand out?

Hard work, finding and refining my sound, putting on the best shows I possibly can and staying true to my original sound. I also should nod my head at Facebook and the success of videos on there and the support I have had from artists and industry figures. General brand organization and consistency is important.

I think I might be one of the few that is making the occasional “wook stuff” while understanding the riddim subculture. I want to blend the worlds of “Wook Space Bass” type music with straight up Riddim. There is so much overlap in terms of fan base, people are so black and white on either being a riddim kid or making weird space music, I want do both.

8. What is your favorite thing about playing in New York City?

Crossed between pizza and seeing friends that live here. I’m always happy to be back on the east coast and NYC is always an incredible experience.

9. What is coming up in the future for you?

Two more EP’s in the next few months, more tours and an absolutely enormous amount of collabs I am extremely excited for. We have locked in a ton of festivals I can’t wait to announce along with some really sick new merch. I plan on further developing all brand related content, so more stage visuals / facebook / instagram content. That and just a whole mess of more new music.

10. Finally, you have a great stage presence, do you have any rituals before getting on the decks?

I stretch now. Honestly it’s involuntary to jump around like that, I tend to get really tired right before I play, I feel like its me subconsciously saving energy, but honestly, I rage when I practice by myself at home too lol.