Reimagine the Potential of Headphones with Aivvy’s “Internet of Things” Smart Music Device

As avid music lovers, we’re on a constant quest for the latest innovations in music discovery/listening technology. The ways in which we expand and personalize our music repertoire while listening to songs in the manner they are intended to has undergone dynamic change in this decade alone. These days, people must resort to various streaming services and headphone brands to listen to and discover music. There is an inconvenient gap between the mediums that stream your music and the devices you use to listen to that music. What if there was a way to streamline these mediums into a unified platform that allows the listener to both discover music that aligns with their particular taste as well as customize it directly through their headphones? This is the mission of the Aivvy Listening System.

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Aivvy (pronounced “ivy”) is initiating a cloud-based music service along with its own line of wireless headphones that are tailored towards understanding your musical preference. The phones are packed with a 32 GB hard drive and 8 pre-populated, customized channels of music that refresh when the device is charging. The headphones have built in like and skip buttons on the side of the device, allowing you to inform Aivvy of what styles of music you’d like to hear more of and what styles you’d like to avoid. Aivvy is not only tailored to understand what type of music you like, but also understand when you want to hear certain music. Aivvy will learn that you don’t want to hear Skrillex when you wake up, and will adjust a song selection that’s fit for your mood.
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“I know people might hear about this and think, ‘Oh, another headphone launch…’ and roll their eyes, but calling Aivvy ‘just a pair of headphones’ is an enormous understatement of what’s actually been built here. The exciting part of Aivvy isn’t just the beautiful vessel or excellent sound quality, but the smart delivery service that learns your taste in music and serves music to you accordingly. Sure, it’s releasing now as headphones, but you’ll see Aivvy start to pop up in portable speakers, sound bars, and even inside your car.” – David Ring (Co-Founder of Aivvy)

The device and streaming service are expected to launch later this year through major retailers. Stay tuned for updates from Aivvy, as exciting new developments are expected to roll out over the coming months!