Return to Your Roots with Kalya Scintilla


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Join us on October 14th at The Knitting Factory for the Back to the Roots Tour and dance to the sacred music of Kalya Scintilla, Eve Olution, Whitebear, and Malakai. Take a moment to connect with others and remove the boundaries to our own creative expression.

The music of the evening will resonate with the deepest parts of your being, allowing you to emerge from your waking life and join others on a journey through consciousness via tribal and psychedelic frequencies. Kalya Scintilla is recognized around the world as a transcendental producer with a knack for cultivating an immersive atmosphere. He is joined by incredible artists who hold their own in the sacred music space, Eve Olution, Whitebear, and Malakai.


Malakai will be showcasing his brand new EP: SAROS, which we are very excited to be supporting. Take a listen to the new EP here.

Music is meant to be a doorway to the soul, a vehicle for human connection. Let it all go and get back to your roots at the all-ages show at The Knitting Factory. The event doors are at 11:30 PM and you can get your tickets here.

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