Esoteric insights of up and coming artist Mickman [INTERVIEW]


The Paper Box in Brooklyn will be hosting a NYC bass music family affair this Thursday, April 13. Astounding underground producers MickmanDeez and Tsimba will be headlining with support from SmigonautPluto EraMALAKAI & Rasp-5. The event will boast a Funktion-One sound system on board and talented live painters: 5A5, Jenny Suh, Marco Accardi Art, Dana Fang and The Art of Liz Hogan.

We had the opportunity to talk to Cameron Ingraham, who produces under the alias Mickman, just before he hits the road for his first tour on the east coast and makes a legendary stop at The Paper Box!

GLC: Can you tell us a little bit about your musical background?

M: I first started creating music regularly around Nov 2011. I’d messed with Ableton in the past but never aggressively pursued trying to learn the program like I did in going into 2012.
No previous musical background at all. Which at first had kind of intimidated me in a way, because for some reason I was under this notion that you had to have some type of academic education or be well versed with an instrument of some kind to make quality music. However, later in my journey I came to realize anyone can be creative and come up with a musical idea. Its just that some humans can execute their ideas better than others.

GLC: What influenced your style of music and what do you call your style?

M: Every day existence is by far the biggest contributor as far as influence goes, lots of times will find myself being more often inspired by events and experiences than I am listening to music. It would definitely have to be a conglomeration of everything though. Never really developed a musical identity until I heard electronic music. First heard The Prodigy back in 2005 and instantly developed a very particular obsession which has continued to grow ever since. I tend to classify it under “Bass Music”. Still falls shorts in some aspects, but that’s the main component… Its kind of funny to think that we’re making noises to represent other noises.


GLC: What is the inspiration & meaning behind ‘Mickman’?

M: The meaning behind Mickman is a play on words. My middle name is McMahon, spelled differently pronounced the same. Wanted something relative to my own being.

GLC: What is your favorite aspect of creating music? Do you have your own unique approach to sound design?

M: So hard to pick a favorite aspect… Every part of the process is extremely interesting… although I will find my self enjoying some things more than others depending on how inspired I am. Sometimes you will just get lost and forget about the conscious details, blissfully drifting through creation, than other times you are groaning over the time consuming tedious details and certain aspects of production become dreadful. Guess it all depends where your head is at.
As far as approaching sound design, its different each time. The basic principle is trial and error. I mostly use synthesizers, but have lots of recordings from different travels and adventures in the world along with home made Foley that I like to use to give a piece of personality to the music.

GLC: What projects or collaborations are you currently envisioning/ working on?

M: Lots and lots of projects. For each song there is something more I learn, a mechanic I now better understand, a new technique, etc. One thing I’ve learned as an artist is to know when to move on. Keep finding myself learning more and wanting to than use those techniques on older project, or thinking about how much better the last release could have been. You just have to keep chugging forward, there is an infinite amount of music you can create so might as well not get stuck on a certain idea. Not many collaborations, as I don’t normally work with other people. Usually always have something going on with my good friend DeeZ though.

GLC: Okay, this is my last question…. What’s your favorite slice of pizza?

M: Brick oven Margaretta with some fresh basil and soft wet recently made mozzarella!

Check out Mickman’s latest album Ether Excerpt below! If you like what you heard be sure to grab tickets to Mickman epic debut show at The Paper Box here and stay updated through his Soundcloud and Facebook.

Event Details

Mickman w/ Deez and Tsimba supported by Smigonaut, Pluto Era, MALAKAI & Rasp-5 
The Paper Box,  17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY
Doors 8pm/ Music 9pm
Hosted by Strange Society Production