Rusko: The Legend is Back


If you were lucky enough to be at Analog BKNY on Saturday night you were in for an mind-blowing bass extravaganza. Rusko is back, and boy did he throw down. His harrowing battle with Cancer was on everyone’s mind this year. He fought it and he beat it…and thank god he did because we need him around. The room was vibey with tunes that made me mosh like like I did in the forest, the mountain, and the desert at those music festivals and the memories were visceral. I hoped the roof would peel back to expose the stars. The crowd moved like we were children again playing to the music. The room was a raging hotbox, even the walls were sweating.

DSC_5870Rusko helped to pioneer a genre that is closest to bliss in my mind. He dominated a movement from England that spread like wildfire to the US, influencing & building the careers of major US bass artists like Bassnectar and Skrillex. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard Rusko tracks mixed into a headliners’ set, and it’s always a highlight of the show.

Special shout out to the openers Luzcid, Laetus, iX, Jizzy Fra, and Krook. Thanks to everyone that came out to support Good Looks and welcome back Rusko in New York City. Keep up & join the Good Looks group page at In Good Company.