Skrillex Remains on Top of His Game With “Hundred Waters” Remix

Despite my five years of service coming to a close, at the end of a long day I still find relaxation in music of all varieties (And a hefty amount of single malt scotch). I go through phases where I refuse to listen to any new music whatsoever and then suddenly and furiously add hours of music to my already large Spotify playlist. After leaving work on Friday I found a gem in the form of “Show Me Love” by Hundred Waters (Skrillex Remix) Feat. Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney, and Robin Hannibal, released March 22.

I know what some of you are thinking; “Skrillex? Please leave, kind sir.” I can assure the naysayers that this track is absolutely delightful, especially considering that I myself have never been a Skrillex fan. The title track was released in May 2014, on Hundred Waters’ sophomore album, “The Moon Rang Like A Bell.” Moses Sumney and Chance the Rapper have their own verses, with Chance delivering a verse specifically for the remix.

Relatively speaking, the track isn’t new, having been released almost a month ago. But when I stumbled upon it on Friday, I haven’t been able to stop playing it. Starting out slow, with just the original audio from the title song, Sumney comes in alongside the beat drop. From there, it’s all a climb to a beautiful summit, with Sumney lamenting a society which has forgotten how to love its fellow man, but ending with a hopeful “but if you throw me love, I’ll throw you some more.” Chance takes the opportunity to tell the world how important it is to him to kick back with his friends with packs of Corona and a little ganja. If you’re looking for some vibes to pick you up or a track to bump when you’re in a good mood, “Show Me Love” is your best bet. The official music video perfectly captures the euphoric energy within the track; be sure to check it out below!