Soak in the Summer Energy with Dave B & Chris McClenney @ Palisades, Brooklyn (6/3)


At Palisades Brooklyn on June 3rd, Chris McClenney, the up and coming shining star of Soulection will be throwing down a live keyboard set featuring some of his soulful and meticulous productions.

Chris McClenney is much more than an incredible producer and lover of tacos. His technical prowess behind a midi keyboard is blatantly obvious to anyone lucky enough to catch one of his live performances. As a member of the music label and artist collective known as Soulection, McClenney has thrown down all over New York City including a recent set at Output, a staple venue in the Brooklyn music scene. This Friday’s performance at the more bohemian Palisades venue in Brooklyn promises to be an intimate environment for the skillful keyboardist. McClenney will be joined by a number of skilled musicians guaranteed to provide a raunchy evening of festivities. Seattle native Dave B will be spitting some of the intensely hot lyrics which have undeniably made him a name to follow.

Artist and producer Nyles Davis will also be performing as a headliner alongside the former two artists mentioned, making this evening at Palisades both well rounded and set to blow out windows, minds, and sphincters.

It’d be a good idea to bring an extra pair of pants or complete change of clothes this Friday, as Palisades in Brooklyn could get very, very messy. Don’t forget to RSVP and pick up Tickets or else FOMO will strike!