Sonic Bloom Makes Sonic Waves In 2017 (6/15 – 6/18)

13497973_1584160121881914_5425893035007686047_o Cutting through the clutter of festival lineups may be hard with so many new fests breaking into the scene this year. However, Sonic Bloom has once again made the choice extremely clear. Over Sonic Bloom’s span of running for 16 years, it’s made a name for itself as a festival you can trust to offer so much more than music.

13497803_1584160788548514_1646238178004542734_oSonic Bloom is all about the overwhelmingly welcoming Colorado vibe. It’s the smile you see on each and every festival-goers face. It’s the feeling you get when you step onto the festival grounds, named the “Unified Field” by Bloom’s creators. This is what sets Sonic Bloom apart from the rest. I bet it’s safe to say it will far surpass any other festivals you’ll make the voyage to this summer. Get a taste of what last year was like on Hummingbird Ranch in the official recap video below and keep reading for more information on this amazing festival!


Fresh off the press, Bloom has just announced wave one of their lineup. The first headliner you see is “Gigantic Cheese Biscuits.” That’s right. They’ve successfully curated a mix of three completely different acts into one out-of-this-world performance. Big Gigantic, three members from The String Cheese Incident and two members from The Disco Biscuits will join forces for the jam of the century. 

We wouldn’t dare forget to mention the funky sounds of The Floozies and Phutureprimitve, and for those of you into psychedelic music, Bloom hasn’t forgotten about you either. Ott. and Kalya Scintilla will be there to satisfy all mind-bending music needs. Finally, for those of you who want all the heavy dub, Sonic Bloom has included Minnesota and Space Jesus. These names just scratch the surface of what this diverse lineup has to offer. Check it out for yourself below and decide if you’re willing to pass this one up. (You aren’t. Take my word for it.)

2017-06-15 thru 2017-06-18 - Sonic Bloom



Hummingbird Ranch is somewhere that will leave an imprint on your mind, body and soul. Everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful, rolling Rocky Mountains. You honestly couldn’t imagine how beautiful the ranch looks at sunset unless you’ve been. The Unified Field’s got a lush rolling valley, a stage tucked within the trees and a perfectly picturesque fresh water creek running through out the back of the venue. Sonic Bloom truly has it all.

You can choose between car camping, RV camping, VIP camping, or good ole’ tent camping.13517421_1584179495213310_8646179714475306624_o  Nothing is too far of a walk in this intimate festival. One of the best perks and hidden secrets about staying up until sunrise at Bloom is not only the beautiful skyline or legendary sunrise sets, but the free cereal they serve every morning around 8:00 AM. No, this is not a joke. Picture this: sitting on the ground, laughing at the sky and snacking on some cereal with all of your friends. Sonic Bloom’s venue is next level, and you’re going to want to experience the special moments it creates for yourself.



Sonic Bloom is also known for putting on amazing workshops. You can get educated on sustainability, the art of yoga, or simply enjoy a fireside chat with one of your favorite visual artists as they display their creative process. All around Bloom there’s someone turning what they’re hearing, seeing or feeling into tangible art. Around every corner there’s something waiting to be discovered. Sonic Bloom is more than a festival, it’s a weekend long adventure.

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Located just a few hours south of Denver, grab your gear and friends and prepare yourself for a weekend you won’t soon forget. Not in this lifetime or the next. Sonic Bloom is pure bliss, I highly suggest you check it out for yourself. Get your tickets here.


Photographs contributed by the wonderful Silky Shots.