Space-Bass Producer PEEKABOO Blows Minds with “Imposters” EP

Space-Bass Newbie PEEKABOO Surprises With EP Release

Wakaan hit us hard with some killer releases last month and May is already proving to be no different. Imposters, the debut EP of new guy on the block, PEEKABOO, turned countless heads this weekend. Social media platforms exploded with excitement and support across the board for the Detroit-based producer. Having already received ample backing from some of the biggest names in bass right now including Bassnectar, RL Grime, Caspa, and REZZ – PEEKABOO’s extraterrestrial expression will be a staple in playlists everywhere.

All 4 tracks, appropriately titled “Aliens”, “Arrival”, “Invasion”, and “Imposters”, bring the dirty heat while telling a formidable story of invaders from worlds unknown. With only a year under his belt in the realm of experimental bass music, PEEKABOO’s explosive and rippling basslines catch listeners off guard in the best way. His sound design is heavy enough yet strategic and meticulous, leaving your eardrums in a state of interstellar bliss. This EP is a straight abduction of the senses and a glimpse of what’s to come in the future of bass. No doubt that PEEKABOO will be a star within the Wakaan family as his fan base has already grown exponentially with this impressive release.

Invasion is inevitable, so follow his socials below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for even more releases from PEEKABOO!

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