Space Jesus Abducts Listeners’ Perceptions in “Zoned Volume One” EP

Widely acclaimed producer and intergalactic deity Space Jesus is once again rupturing sensory perceptions with the release of his first EP off Wakaan Records, Zoned Volume 1. For those already indoctrinated into Space Jesus’ psychedelic bass gospel, Zoned is further testament that the producer’s style is not of Earthly origins. Recognized for his commanding stage presence and equally compelling compositions, Space Jesus continues to spread his brand of bass music for those with a peculiar sonic palate.


“M Night Shambhala” is an obvious reference to the hit-or-miss film director famous for his movies’ twists and turns. Luckily this track seems to be way more “The Sixth Sense” and less “The Happening,” in that it’s full of unexpected twists that flow perfectly alongside the progression. “M Night Shambhala” begins with an atmospheric yet heavy groove that swiftly transitions into a wonky bass concoction. The weird and wobbly frequencies are flawlessly intermeshed with a well-contrived melody that is accentuated by undefined sequences. “M Night Shambhala” kicks off the EP in a supernova of musical brilliance.

“Jovian Chorus” is a bit of a departure from the previous track’s setting, beginning with a melody reminiscent of tropical beaches before the focus switches towards a vast celestial plain. Steely drum kicks are juxtaposed with haunting tonal fluctuations in such a beautiful way that it’s clear a tremendous amount of effort went into assembling this track. The track contains a distinct element of wompy dubstep, evident by numerous winding tones in the latter third section. It is clear that Space Jesus’ fall tour with Liquid Stranger and Au5 has left a significant stylistic impression on his productions.

“And now this futuristic pipedream is slowly becoming a reality” is how the EP’s final track initiates its descent, implying 
listeners should stay tuned for more bizarre transmissions from Space Jesus. “Jafar’s Pipedream” is profoundly more minimalist in its execution but is in no way less evocative than any of the previous tracks. Fresh instrumentals and the occasional subtle vocalization make “Jafar’s Pipedream” unique both in scope and in strangeness. In particular, the bass kicks are garnished with intergalactic tones that feel like something is emerging out of an alien spacecraft’s speakers while it cruises through some distant nebula millions of lightyears away.

Allow Zoned Vol. 1 to squeegee your third eye by downloading the EP in pristine sound quality on Wakaan’s Beatport page and iTunes!