Space Jesus Brings The Temple of Noom to a Sold Out PlayStation Theater

On a cold winter night, New York City braced for the arrival of a man who possesses a treasure-trove of otherworldly sounds. They call him Space Jesus, and he was set to ascend on the city that helped launch his career a decade earlier. Space Jesus’ Temple of Noom crew—Minnesota, Of the Trees and Huxley Anne—touched down at Playstation Theater in Midtown Manhattan and not only sold out the 2,100 capacity venue, but packed it out early. The artists proceeded to shake the foundation of the building for the duration of the evening, even closing out the special night with a massive B2B featuring a surprise guest.

It was clear from the onset that the crowd assembled inside PlayStation Theater was prepared for an epic evening. When Huxley Anne took the stage, there was already a dense crowd awaiting to hear what she would throw down. She Played a varied selection of bass tunes and proved exactly why Space Jesus has been a huge supporter of hers since well before she joined him on this tour. When Of The Trees took the stage, the audience perked up a bit as the music emanating from the speakers got progressively weirder. The crowd was already at or near capacity by the time Minnesota started throwing down an ID-filled set that included his unreleased VIP edit of his hit “Hi-Low.”


Anytime Space Jesus plays, his loyal fanbase knows exactly what they are in for, but his set remains mind-blowing each and every time. Opening his set with a familiar combination of two of his more recent tracks, “Dragonhawks” with Liquid Stranger and “Professor Genius” with Esseks, Space Jesus was locked in from the start. For the next hour, he proceeded to run through a list of unreleased material, new releases such as “Omega Robot” with Subtronics and “Meatball Parm” with Conrank, and several OG Space Jesus classic. He found time to include a live rendition of “Nawledge” with GDP joining him on stage, “Spaceboss,” “M. Night Shambhala,” “Sofa Surfin’,” and of course his famed unreleased Space Jam theme song remix that fans have come to know as “Warning.”

Space Jesus was not about to leave the city where it all started without doing something special for New York. Following a quick speech in which he reminisced about “playing Lower East Side basements to randoms,” he invited all of his Temple of Noom openers on stage, as well as his hometown homie Esseks for a massive B2B. The squad rocked the party for an additional 30 minutes, continue to supply the rowdy crowd with excessively wonky tunes. Space Jesus certainly knows how to throw a party, and for one epic night, 2,100 New Yorkers showed him their appreciation for how far he’s made it.

Family Photo
Photo via Space Jesus Facebook