STOWN Ltd.’s Upcoming Art Show Is The Cat’s Pajamas


With a penchant for the off kilter and generally stranger side of life, Spencer Stown is remarkably adept at translating his artistic vision into some killer clothing. For those of you already familiar or wanting to see for yourselves, STOWN Ltd. will be exhibiting their latest clothing line at the Boro Brothers Glass Gallery in Massapequa on Saturday, April 30th.

A previous STOWN and Grassroots California collaboration
A previous STOWN and Grassroots California collaboration

Bringing canvas to cloth has always been a major goal of Spencer’s, one which he succeeds at time and again ever since first printing the signature alien logo that has become synonymous with the STOWN brand. The event, appropriately titled “SPACE GOONS,” will be a forum for people to check out the latest and greatest from STOWN. One highlight of the evening will be the reveal of an exclusive new hat design which is the third collaboration between STOWN and Grassroots California. In addition to the fantastic new clothing by STOWN, the Boro Brothers Glass Gallery will also be featuring the latest glassware by Long Island Glass and the works of legendary custom glassblower Joe Itza.12814184_1000093490037340_4127080086832035970_n

STOWN has been around for the better part of six years, and if this event is any indication of where things are headed, then the future for Spencer Stown looks pretty damn bright. Colorful and loud designs reflect Spencer’s very introspective vision and his ability to read whether people are trying to stand out or blend in. If you’re into beautiful pieces of custom blown glassware or some of the most outrageous custom clothing this side of the Mississippi, then you’ll want to be at the Boro Brothers Glass Gallery next Saturday (RSVP here). This one is going to get intergalactic, kiddies, best to bring your helmets.

Event Details:
Who: STOWN Ltd.
When: Saturday, April 30th @ 7PM
Where: Boro Brothers Glass Gallery (4150 Merrick Road, Massapequa, NY 11738)