Subdocta Releases ‘West Coast Wobble’ EP

Subdocta impresses us once again with the release of ‘West Coast Wobble.’ The EP was released Sept. 26 via Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon Records and it gives fans the wubs they’ve been looking for. The EP is filled with heavy drops, upbeat rhythms and wonky instrumentals. The first two tracks on the EP, “Booty Wobble” and “Smooth Custard” really set the mood and showcase Subdocta’s talent as a producer.

The track “West Coast Wobble” conquers on this EP with a feature from Dirt Monkey and variation through the roof. Hints of drum n’ bass, heavy bass and some memorable samples can be heard throughout the song. Another exciting track, “Sandy Daniels,” features Esseks and differs in sound, but definitely not in quality. The track illuminates the talents of Subdocta with the addition of that Esseks sound and is truly outstanding.

Subdocta has a number of tour dates for the upcoming months and we can’t wait to see what comes next.