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Dimond Saints Discuss Creative Intentions and How to Best Cultivate an Underground Culture

For well over a decade, An-ten-nae and Releece have each cultivated a communal following based in the Bay Area that has long emphasized mindfulness and avant-garde expression over a simplistic party culture. Both artists have synergized their creative intentions by forming Dimond Saints, a musical endeavor that conjures melodic, bass-driven frequencies and “bursts the bubble of mediocrity” ...

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GLC Gets a Bird’s-Eye View Into the Creative Minds Behind Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Conceived within the confines of a college freshman dorm building in the late 2000’s, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has quickly become one of the most beloved funk bands in recent memory. Greg Ormont (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Schon (guitar, vocals), Ben Carrey (bass, vocals), and Alex Petropulos (drumagic, electro-swag) are the creative brains behind a ...

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