Tchami Looks to Bless PlayStation Theater for Feb 18 Show


When the subject of search engine history arises in conversation, the more forthright of electronic dance music fans will admit that they’ve typed the following into Google: “why does Tchami dress like a priest?” In a 2015 interview with popular New York nightclub, Marquee, the Parisian DJ/producer muses “I wanted something classy and spiritual that could fit with the vibe of my music…to be simple it’s [the clerical collar] a visual expression of my musical vision.” Tchami has truly proved himself a deity of the decks since his 2013 breakthrough into the dance music scene.

            Yet when the future house subgenre of EDM for which Tchami has been credited as visionary is evaluated by its devoted following—not unlike disciples—it seems that future house is its own form of musical religion, where psalms bear a much higher bpm count than those that appear in any holy text of any practicing religion.

    tchami_0While he might not offer any explanation as to just what does occur in the “Afterlife,” Tchami will appear at New York’s own PlayStation Theater on Saturday, February 18th to deliver new and devout listeners alike from auditory idleness to future house enlightenment as part of his thirty-two stop “Prophecy Tour,” an initiative that commenced in Orlando on Thursday, February 2nd, and will conclude in Seattle on Saturday, March 18th. The 2017 tour calls on the support of another Paris native, Mercer.

            With six shows of the Prophecy tour already sold out, the February 18th PlayStation show is likewise poised for a ticket wipeout; those interested will want to purchase tickets to the event sooner rather than later. Tchami’s metropolitan stop on the Prophecy tour represents an opportunity for listeners to experience the French DJ’s piercing blend of pulsing synths and dark bass lines against a backdrop of faux stained glass screens, scenery designed to evoke the cathedral. The oracle of future house music, Tchami will marry elements of traditional EDM with deep house from a pulpit placed onstage.

            A “service” unlike any other, the evening with the “Shot Caller” is destined to be a spiritual experience. Get your tickets here