The Sun and Moon Intertwine at Oregon Eclipse


What better place to be when the moon covered the sun at the moment of totality than surrounded by love and friends at the Oregon Eclipse? Originally slated for 20k attendees at Big Summit Prairie, the final figures including volunteers totaled over 60k. For reference, that is bigger than Burning Man this year. And what a party it was! Spanning across the Oregon high desert this festival had it all.


 I haven’t eaten better than I did at Oregon Eclipse. I started my culinary journey with an east coast lobster roll that tasted like heaven, rich and fresh. The following days I enjoyed wonderful vegan delights including “Pad Thai” which was a salad made for the gods. Putine rocked my world and there was even a booth from the locals set up selling fresh fruit. Truly the healthiest menu items I’ve ever seen at a festival and everything was incredibly abundant. The coconut water offered at $4 for a big can saved my life more than once.


The music was top notch from huge acts like Bassnectar, Bleep Bloop (favorite set) Troyboi, and the eclectic sounds of Coco Rosie, this festival really had something for everyone. I especially enjoyed my local fav PRSN and wish I would have caught Barisone and Chase Manhattan. The one set that made the most waves was the secret Bassnectar set from “DJ Lorin”. If I could go back, that’s  the one I would be sure to find. The most fun I had was with March Fourth Marching band and overall the music was fab. There was certainly music for every taste there was no genre that I didn’t hear while I was there.


Festival-ing for days takes its toll and without a proper shade creator, I was TOO HOT to sleep in my tent during the day. Luckily there is a big top to lay under while listening to some of the most creative and innovative speakers of our time. I got to listen to Alex and Alison Grey speak on their art which was mesmerizing. My favorite talk was from a NASA scientist on how to live on asteroids and the future of our planet. These moments of reflection moved me to a higher level of consciousness and brought the festival experience into perspective. It wasn’t just a big party, there was work being done and I’ll definitely take what I learned at these talks into my everyday life.


Installations everywhere and with incredible stage design this festival was a massive undertaking in the arts. I was impressed and felt so blessed to be part of something so HUGE and magical. With so many places to explore and things to do each day, I was never bored. Hands down the most art I’ve ever seen in one place. The roaming performing artists were my favorite, so strange and weird and creating a vibe that couldn’t have been replicated without them. The live artists were mesmerizing and I found that artist attendees would be busting out canvasses left and right to capture their interpretation of the moment. Co-creation at its finest.


I keep saying this was “the best” and in regards to the attendees….it really really was. People came from all over the world and I felt that burner vibe, the camaraderie that comes with thousands of people going through some hardship to get to a place that has an element of survival involved. The people were “GOOD PEOPLE”. Everyone had a handle on camping and it seemed as if it wasn’t anyone’s first rodeo with an outdoor multi-day festival. Compared to many festivals I’ve attended I heard the least about violence and theft than any other MUCH SMALLER festivals. I also didn’t see anyone that wasn’t able to handle their good time. I was very impressed with the people that made the trek to the middle of Oregon for this amazing experience.


The moment of totality far exceeded my expectations. The world went dark and it was super weird. JUST WOW. And while the festival had little to do with that moment from a nature point of view, I was just stoked that they had the foresight to capture the moment this way. There is no way else to put it except that it was breath-taking and spiritual feeling. You felt a shift in the world and you yourself being part of this world shifted too. A strange and beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.

Oregon Eclipse was an amazing one-of-a-kind experience and I had an incredible heart opening time. Big huge thanks to SYMBIOSIS for creating this massive scaled event and knowing what elements are important to curating a good time. They absolutely NAILED IT. At one point in the wee hours of the morning, I was blessed to jump on a golf cart with one of the Co-Founders of Symbiosis. It was a highlight for sure and I got to thank him personally for this endeavor that took YEARS to create.


[Featured image by Jamal Eid]