Tripzy Leary & G Dubz Release ‘Arrival’ EP

Tripzy Leary & G Dubs return to Wakaan with a 5-track EP titled, ‘Arrival’ on Oct. 4. The electrifying EP takes listeners on an interdimensional journey that is gritty and powerful. This is the duo’s first EP following their track, “On the Low” that was featured in Wakaan’s ‘CONVOY’ compilation.

Each track is robust and features solid basslines that resonate throughout. The track “Interdimensional” hits the hardest with a slow intro that crescendos into an intense deep bass flow. “Blocc is Hot” is another heavy hitter that features rich wubs that stay consistent for the duration of the track. Each track on the EP has psychedelic overtones that emulate an outer space experience. Overall, ‘Arrival’ is transformative and a must for bass lovers.

Fans are already excited to see what comes next for Tripzy Leary & G Dubz.

Listen to the EP below: