Underground Bass Collective, Abstract Future, Releases Mind-Expanding “Bass for Revolution” Compilation


Let your headphones Feel the Bern when you get down to Abstract Future’s new tape release “Bass for Revolution.” Curated By New York based producer Brightside, “Bass for Revolution” is a playlist of hand-selected music featuring the likes of Tsimba, Nocturnal Status, LUDGE, Narkatta, Alejo, and The Galactic Effect. All profits from the tape will be donated towards Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Abstract Future is a collective of artists that are intending to progress the underground music scene. “Bass for Revolution” is a progressive movement that sheds light on our corrupt government and brings the people together through the shared passion of music. This is one of those compilations that you will have to play at least 3 or 4 times to really appreciate its full character. Brightside, by hand-selecting songs from his network of friendly artists, was able to compile a beautiful array of talent that flows incredibly.


Powerful, gritty rhythms backed by psychedelic foreign sounds create an awesome ambience from the first track by Nocturnal Status. Ludge, slotted second on the playlist, drops a heavy tin-tapping, glitch-friendly piece that builds up to something wacky by 42 seconds in. Tsimba’s “On Flow” delivers slick wubby vibes and snappy samples to keep the head nodding for 3 minutes straight.

Brightside is also slotted on the tape at number 4 with “Guerilla Warfare,” a great summer song to get funky to late in the night. Rare to disappoint, Narkatta really delivered on the seventh slotted track, “Decommodification of the modified.” A good friend and talented producer, Narkatta’s track encapsulates the energy of the entire compilation. Silky smooth breaks and extra bass with a ton of eccentric sounds make this a scrumptious tune. Known for his combination of foreign and domestic music, Narkatta provides us with a great example of his production prowess. The entire compilation can be downloaded at a price of your choosing through the Abstract Future BandCamp.