We Want You! To Help Fund The Funk


We’ve been avid listeners of Maryland’s high-energy psychedelic funk band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong  for quite a while now. And for very good reason! There just isn’t any other jam band on the scene who puts on a show with as much personality as they’ve got. Their infectious melodies combined with a downright silly stage presence sends crowds into a deliciously funky trance. Years of touring has truly fine-tuned their ability to build off each other and allows their jams to go in a new direction each and every time they play. We couldn’t have been happier about the announcement of their fourth studio album, Pizazz, a little over a week ago.

With the announcement of their album, they’ve also released a video asking fans to contribute to their Kickstarter to help fund their next project. (Gumby makes a special guest appearance so definitely check it out below.)

The band’s video got us thinking about the way the music industry is evolving in today’s digital age. Artists are finding it extremely challenging to retain earnings from downloads and streaming. It’s become harder and harder to get the masses interested in purchasing a physical copy of an album with options like iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify available. But the cost of recording said album has definitely not gone down.

So, if you’re willing and able, consider contributing to our favorite birds playing table sports music and help us all satisfy our craving for sweet, sweet funk! You can contribute here

A post on their Facebook updated fans by letting us know they’re already 2/3 of the way to reaching their goal! Hopefully by the time Domefest (Pigeon’s annual music festival/gathering of their “flock” of dedicated fans) rolls around at the end of May, the boys will have some serious fire ready.

P.S. The Domefest line up dropped today! Check it out below.



Photo contributed by Silky Shots.