Winter Sermon Blesses Brooklyn With Beautiful Bass


Lining up with all my fellow sinners for church made the bass head community feel right at home for Winter Sermon on Jan 21st. Winter sermon was truly a relapsing bassaholics anonymous meeting. GUCCIMEN, The Widdler, Thelem, Shlump, Conrank, Proko and IX blasted the roof off the Brooklyn warehouse with the help of MC HONEYCOMB and Tsunami Bass sound system. The room was packed wall to wall with the most serious of heads- all hyper ready to see some of the best artists in their genre.

Arriving at 10pm was no joke. People had already formed a line around the block, security was prompt and easy going which kept everyone feeling right. Upon entering Sermon I could already feel the wave from the tsunami bass stacks around the room, a bar in the back hosted drinks at a fair price, and a back yard lined with turf perfect for collapsing when your legs gave out.


IX started off the show with a bang and provided the perfect rhythm to give everyone momentum for the rest of the night. The music throughout the night continued to prove just how diverse this lineup was. Sliding through grimy drops and liquid tones made it feel like the room was melting around us (I’m pretty sure I some faces literally melting as well). This show was the definition of a homie fest, everyone seemed to know everyone, and those who didn’t know were quickly introduced. Its hard to put into words just how GUCCIMEN made the room feel, but I can definitely say I watched a lot of jaws hit the floor. 

IMG_0790People were going absolutely fucking bonkers over the combination of Space Jesus and Freddy Todd, and for very good reason. Bodies waved back and forth, people were exerting every ounce of energy they had left in their systems to rage on through the rest of the night.

The Widdler and Thelem b2b was such a perfect combo I think it brought some people into a sensory rebirth. As the show reached the sunrise hours, Yheti came on as a special guest for those still functioning. A perfect night for Sermon where the weather outside allowed everyone to strip down and crash onto the ground to smoke or stretch before another set. Sermon gets a 10 out of 10 for bass destruction in an incredible location with amazing energy from the crowd, proving once again what really makes this scene so magical!

Photos by: Zack Bruzgo, aka Panda Media; originally sourced by Funkadelphia