Zoom Inside Waterchild and Space Cadet’s Latest Collaboration: Premonitions EP [INTERVIEW]


Have you ever experienced ‘brain chill’ from music that led you to a euphoric feelings? A study from Harvard Medical School has explained that the cerebellum, processes rhythm, and the frontal lobes interpret the emotional content of music. Music that’s powerful enough to be ‘spine-tingling’ can light up the brain’s ‘reward center,’ which replicates the pleasurable stimuli received from alcohol to chocolate. “Premonitions”,the latest EP from sound maestros and musical story tellers, Waterchild and Space Cadet enlightens our brain’s reward center through a collection of five vividly painted songs throughout the extended play.

We had the opportunity to dive deeper into the backbone, two minds behind “Premonition”: Kevin Martin and Julien Foster, also known as their alias Waterchild and Space Cadet. 

GLC: What influenced the vivid storytelling & visionary concept behind the “Premonitions” EP?

W&S: Initially, we approached the EP with multicultural themes in mind, lending a different flavor to each track. We then focused the idea around spiritual deities and mythologies from different cultures. As we finalized the songs, all of these concepts linked together to become a story about a journey where the listener encounters various spirits. A lot of the influence is from psychedelic arts, literature and culture. For example, Mental Wobble samples new age speaker Alan Watts talking about the concept of choice, Nommo is an amphibious ancestral spirit of the Dogon people from Mali, Oshun is a Yoruba goddess of fresh water and rivers, Nemoid is a made up word inspired by mythological sylphoids and actor Leonard Nemoy from Star Trek and Akashi is based on the Akashic Record or the sum of all knowledge. 

GLC: What is it like to work with each other? What are some qualities to cherish as one collective sound designers then individual one?

W&S: We’re old friends, used to be roommates in college so it’s fun to collaborate. We do everything in the same studio together so it takes a bit longer, this EP took about a year to make. That allows us to bounce a lot of ideas off each other, therefore it’s a bit of a trial and error process and we try to explore a lot of different tools and techniques. It’s always nice to have a second pair of ears, we come up with a lot of fresh ideas through discussion.

GLC:. Producers that inspires & motivates you two?

W&S: Tipper’s an obvious one, he’s a huge influence on both of us. We also really like Flying Lotus and a variety of other producers like Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada as well as groups like Animal Collective and Radiohead. We also listen to older stuff like jazz and lounge. Brian Eno’s concepts regarding ambient music are pretty interesting especially with a bit of old school dub mentality. We’re also really into music history, weird production anecdotes, stuff like that. We’re both very influenced by our friend Tri Angles who helped both of us get into producing this kind of music. (Here’s a link to some of his stuff itsmisterangles.bandcamp.com ).

GLC: Listening “Premonitions” was like riding a mellow rollercoaster ride in the brain- Writing music to executing the ideas to reality, how’s the processes like? 

W&S: A lot of it is trial and error, searching for sounds with the right timbres/textures. We try to come up with an idea that we can hum or communicate rhythmically and then try to find the technique that comes closest to what we’re imagining. We use Logic X, lots of third party plugins/synths, some sampling and recording. We write a lot of it using keys and pads and occasionally play guitars. 

GLC: Should we expect more projects from you two? sequel to “Premonitions”? 

W&S: Premonitions is the sequel Impressions, our first EP. This one took almost a year to make. We definitely have plans for a third installment but it might take us a while. We were thinking of recording with some percussionists for the next venture. The new Space Cadet’s album “Mysterium” came out on November 11th and the Waterchild full length album “Loria” will be out in January 2018. 

If you are wise, we recommend to have your musical radar on for these up and coming  sonic waves sculptures, Waterchild and Space Cadet. These two will most likely to fill wide spectrum of your audio satisfactory. 

Stay in chooned with Waterchild:
SC: Soundcloud.com/Waterchildmusic
BC: http://waterchildmusic.com/ 

Stay in chooned with Space Cadet:
SC: https://soundcloud.com/thespacecadet
BC: https://goodoldspacecadet.bandcamp.com/